Proudly 100% Australian

Karrabool Olives was established in 2006 when Judy Rogers and David Sargeant purchased a small farm at Botobolar, near Mudgee in Central New South Wales. Karrabool has developed into a fully functioning olive grove producing national and international award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Karrabool EVOO can be used in all cooking, drizzled over hot vegetables, salads and pasta.

It is delicious as a dipping olive with fresh crusty bread.

Karrabool is a member of the Australian Olive Association and a signatory to the Association’s voluntary Code of Practice. Our oil is independently tested to certify it as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Besides the olive grove Karrabool offers visitors to the Mudgee region 5 star accommodation at Blue Shed Retreat. Visitors can sample Karrabool’s award winning olive oil along with home baked cooking and excellent tea and coffee at the Farm Gate Store and Coffee Shop.

Karrabool is derived from the areas Judy and David grew up as children – Judy at Karawinna in North West Victoria and David at Warrnambool in South West Victoria.

proudly 100% australian

The Region

Mudgee is located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales approximately 3.5 hours from Sydney. Mudgee has a rich pastoral history and renowned heritage streetscapes and is now the place to visit for quality food, dining and fine wines produced from the areas fertile farmlands.

The Grove

The olive grove is located 570metres above sea level and has around 3500 olive trees of predominantly Tuscan varieties - Frantoio, Correggiola and Lecino and a small block of the Greek variety, Koreneiki.

Warm sunny days and cool nights provide ideal conditions for producing olives. The grove relies on regular rainfall (not always forthcoming) and irrigation from a bore to water the trees. Trees flower in late October/early November and the fruit is harvested in late April/early May – before the first frosts.

Pruning occurs throughout winter to allow regeneration of the trees and ensure the ongoing production of quality fruit.

Our Philosophy

Karrabool uses sustainable agricultural practices, limiting the use of chemicals and focusing on improving the soil’s health in the belief that healthy soil produce healthy trees and olives. Mulching the grove’s mid row and prunings means everything is returned to the soil where tiny microbes and organisms break down the material and making it available as food for the trees.

Limiting the use of herbicides and pesticides encourages beneficial insects to develop and control pests.

Harvesting and Processing

Harvest is in late April early May to ensure maximum flavour and quality. The trees are mechanically harvested and the fruit is transported to the olive press where it is pressed into Extra Virgin Olive Oil within hours of picking to ensure maximum quality, freshness and flavour.


Karrabool produced its first commercial quantity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2009 and immediately started winning regional and national awards for the quality and flavour of its extra virgin olive oil. In 2016 Karrabool entered its first international competition; the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards and was awarded a bronze medal. Considering the competition we are extremely pleased and proud of this achievement. It also provided a good benchmark for us to judge how we measure up against other olive oils from around the world.

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Australian Olive<br>Association National Awards
Australian Olive
Association National Awards


Los Angeles International<br>EVOO Award
Los Angeles International
EVOO Award